Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tyler's one year appointment

Well, I went ahead and decided against the MMR vaccination for now. I spoke with the doc about it and she was really great in discussing it and the studies related to it. She gave me a sheet of different studies to check out and reassured me they do not use the thermisol (mercury agent) for storing the vaccinations. That being said, I will get him the shot but I am holding off until his 15 month or two year appointment. He is not in a daycare setting or any other situation right now that is cause for too much concern in passing disease. He still did get four shots (!) and blood taken. The blood draw was the worst because it is no longer a heel prick but a real needle into the vein. My poor baby :( He was so brave but it was so sad to have to hold him tight while he screamed. Once it was done though he was good to go and he only had a small bruise this morning. He weighed in at 21 pounds and was just over 30 inches tall! The doc said he was very verbal for a one year old (takes after his mommy :)).