Sunday, January 20, 2008

A fun weekend (so far!)

It has been fun this weekend hanging out with the fam. Friday Tyler and I took pizza to the girls water polo team. Chad and I do that for each of his teams once a season. The girls chose Friday for their pizza but then lost the game (BADLY) and decided they were not hungry. Chad and I have a lot of pizza here if you want some :)
Yesterday Chad surfed in the morning while Kate and Nolan came over and played. Then we had family nap time. After nap Chad, Tyler and I went to SeaWorld. Tyler has SO much fun there! When I went to see how much the Sky Ride was ($5/person) I decided we weren't going to pay to do it but the guy gave it to us for free. Tyler thought that was pretty awesome. We get to ride for free at the zoo but this one is above water and pretty neat. After SeaWorld we went to Soupplantation for dinner and then went to Calvary Chapel to listen to one of Chad's college friends perform. She was just voted best new acoustic artist in San Diego. Such an amazing voice!

This morning our dear friend David arrived from Texas. He is staying with us for a few days as he has to pick up some stuff he left when they moved and also attending a real estate course. It is so nice to have visit with him (although I wish Angi and the kids were with him!). I am super excited to go to Texas next month and seem them. After church we treated David to some good ol' Mexican food and then the football madness began. Poor Chargers lost but it was still fun! I went shopping in the afternoon and then Chad, David, Tyler and I met some other friends and went hottubbing. After dinner Chad and David settled down for more football and some UFC fighting but now I am not sure either are awake.
Tomorrow we are going to barbeque. Chad has the day off so we are going to grill up some meat and enjoy good food with good friends. I love long weekends!


Kate said...

You forgot to mention our garage sale deals! :)