Thursday, January 24, 2008

It has to be a girl.

Okay, so this child likes stressing me out already! Many of you know that upon going for my first appointment, the midwife couldn't find a heartbeat and proceeded to tell me she thought I would miscarry. I was sent to the hospital where they found a strong heartbeat immediately (the machines there are so much better!). My next appointment at 10 weeks was great, all bloodwork came back normal and the ultrasound showed baby measuring right on with a strong heartbeat.
Fast forward to today. Midwife tries to no avail find heartbeat on doppler. Then says it is still early and sometimes she can't pick up the heartbeat but wants to grab the ultrasound machine to make sure all is well. I can't take this stress anymore!! Anyway, she finds baby moving around everywhere (I have started feeling tiny little pokes occasionally!), a little higher than she thought with the heart beating away nice and strong. I tried to get her to tell me the sex but the machines are so bad that she couldn't tell even if she wanted to. Last week I had issues with labored breathing and a racing heart and today my pulse was higher than she liked so I have to go back in four weeks to make sure all is well (resting heartrate was 106 and they like 70 - 80. Normally I wouldn't be seen for 8 weeks. So, anyway, this baby has to be a girl. Tyler wasn't nearly as uncooperative!


Abby said...

Wow...while your girl is playing games in your belly, my boy is eating, eating, eating! I'm so glad you got to see "her" moving around in the ultrasound. How fun! How are you feeling? Hey, you're coming out here soon aren't you?!

christinaandbrian said...

i'm with abby on the eating, eating, eating thing so my vote is girl too! i think a good name would be christina.

peteandjenn said...

Well Emma has lots of outfits for her cousin to borrow... And baby be good! No more worrying your mama like that.