Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off to Texas!

I am going to visit David, Angi and the kids!! YEAH!!! I am also hoping to accomplish these things:

1 - shoot something
2 - ride a horse (I would like to rope a steer but the pregnancy may prevent that)
3 - eat Texas toast
4 - buy a cowboy hat
5- go line dancing

That about rounds up a trip to Texas doesn't it?!?


christinaandbrian said...

our corporate offices are in texas and sometimes people in our company go on trips to what they call the ranch to shoot things for the weekend...this is what i think of when i hear about trips to texas..good luck. and safe travels. not only travels but while you are there too i guess.

peteandjenn said...

I want to go to texas! No fair! You get to do everything.

peteandjenn said...

PS. PLEASE buy Ty a cowboy hat. And little wranglers.

San Diego Photographer said...

Was it as windy as I've heard? Did you get to shoot something?...David doesn't count Can't wait to see the photographs!