Friday, May 2, 2008

No more pacifiers

Chad and I decided we wanted to get rid of the pacifiers before the new baby came and now was as good as time as any. When Tyler got up this morning I had him throw them all in the trash. He just went down for his first nap without them. He cried for about ten minutes for his "nigh nigh", stopped crying and talked and played for about five minutes and went to sleep. Not too bad! We will see how tonight goes, but now I know he can do it!

Fast asleep, all on his own.



kate said...

Yay Tyler!

Dad said...

Hello from Switzerland!!! My little buddie is getting so old!! (no not Mom - Tyler)
Having a great time here. see you guys soon!

The Bains said...

Yeah Tyler!!!!!
I JUST mentioned getting rid of Betsy's binkys and Denny wasn't too sure :-) We think the new big girl bed combined with no binky might be too much. He looks so cute sleeping!

Jenn said...

Auntie Jenn is so proud of you Ty! My little guy is all grown up.