Saturday, June 28, 2008

In loving memory

Today we joined my friend Erin to honor the memory of her husband and the other Navy Seals killed in Operation Red Wing three years ago today. Operation Red Wing saw the largest loss of life for the military's special-operations community since World War II.

"In times of war or uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation’s call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands alongside America’s finest special operations forces to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way of life. I am that man."


Friday, June 27, 2008

Cousin fun

We had a blast having Jenn and Emma visit for a few days before meeting up with the rest of the fam in Palm Springs. We hung out outside, went to the beach, went shopping, went to Seaworld and enjoyed some good food (especially the carne asada meal Chad cooked - and yes mom, Jenn and I went BY OURSELVES to the meat store :)). Palms Springs was sooo much fun minus the fact I thought that this baby may come a little early. It was so wonderful to spend some time with my family and also to get some rest while Tyler got to play with his aunts and uncles, cousin and grandparents. Maybe next time we can go in October or November so Pete, Dad and Brandon don't feel so sick after golfing.

Teaching Emma to crawl


Kisses for Emma

Beach Beauty

Pool time!

So happy!

Fountain fun for Emma (and Jenn too)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Four wonderful years!

Today Chad and I celebrated our four year anniversary. I actually worked and went to my doctor appointment while he hung out with Tyler but then the three of us went to the beach and out for a seafood dinner. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. He is my best friend and I can't wait for many more wonderful years to come!
PS - Brandon, at this point four years ago, just how many shrimp had you eaten at the reception?!



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OB appointment (I am copying Abby!)

I will just go ahead and copy Abby on this one :)

*I am almost 35 weeks
*I am about 20 pounds smaller than I was with Tyler! (That would make me super huge when I was preggo with Ty...bleh)
*My blood pressure was 115/72. That is perfect and right where it should be. I was starting to face high blood pressure issues with Tyler at this point.
*I had an ultrasound to check the position of baby boy. He is head down and ready to go!
*I measured between 34 - 35 centimeters, right where I should be!
*Next appointment is at 37 weeks. We will do the GBS test and pre-register for delivery at the hospital!

Overall I am in much better shape and condition during this pregnancy so I am hoping that my delivery experience is a whole lot better. No swelling so far but we will see after Palm Springs if that is still the case.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tyler's Sandbox

Here is a little video Chad did of Tyler since Grandma and Grandpa haven't seen their Christmas gift to Tyler yet. Here it is, hope you like it.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!

Friday night Jenna and Ruby arrived. We visited for a little bit and then hit the sack. Saturday morning we woke up and then Jenna, Ruby, Chad, Tyler and I went to The Family House for breakfast and had an awesome, although too big, breakfast! We then dropped of Chad and Tyler so that us girls could get pedicures. It was awesome and we were done in just enough time so that we could come home, change and head to my baby shower. My friend Kate threw the shower and it was so much fun. I love having so many friends together and what better reason to celebrate than this new life! After the shower Jenna and Ruby headed to meet up with a friend and experience some more of San Diego. Tim, Megan, Ryan and Noah came over for dinner and Chad grilled up some amazing steaks. We talked, watched UFC and enjoyed a great time together. After church today Chad and I came home to find Ruby and Jenna making an amazing Filipino feast!! We dined on Lumpia, Chicken Adobo and Poncit. It was fabulous. After lunch Chad and Jenna both fell asleep so Ruby and I played in the driveway with Tyler and visited with our new neighbors. We then woke up the sleepheads, and all took a walk for some ice cream at the little shop not too far from us. On the way home we stopped by the Bazaar at the Catholic church and then made it home in time for Tyler to eat some dinner and go to sleep. The girls headed back about 8:30 or so. It was so much fun to have them here for the weekend!!

Jenna, me, Ruby

Shower goodies - my friend Darlene made this nice display!

A fun game

The wonderful group that celebrated with me!

Jenna preparing the feast!

Ready to eat!

Great food, even better company!

Friday, June 6, 2008

How fun!

So this afternoon I was excited to hear that Jenna and Ruby were going to be in town this weekend and wanted to hang out. When I talked w/ Jenna later they were looking at hotels because they forgot to check with Ruby's grandma and her grandma is in Oregon. SO, of course they are more than welcome to stay here and I offered and they took us up on it so YEAH! They will be here in the next 15 minutes or so! They are also going to come to my baby shower tomorrow so that will be super special! Jenn...why don't you hope on a flight and come now. It is just a few days early :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bubble Bath!

Tyler LOVES his bubble bath! He always runs to the bathroom saying "bubble bath, bubble bath" and then climbs in the tub fully clothed. I snapped a few pics the other night of his bubble bath fun. He likes to put on a beard with the bubbles :)