Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One month old already

My sweet baby is already a month old as of yesterday. How time is flying by! He is doing so well and is just so laid back and mellow. As long as he is fed (and trust me, you will know when he is hungry!) he likes to just hang out, sleep and cuddle. Tyler is still doing wonderful as a big brother and is so gentle and loving. He likes to kiss Tanner and hold him and try and help with his pacifier. Here are a couple of pics and cheers to the next month!






peteandjenn said...

The bottom one is sooooo cute! Can I have a copy of it?

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

I love them! Apple and Tanner sure have a lot in common.

Ashley said...

Wow Ky! They are SOOOO precious. I love seeing these great pictures!

christinaandbrian said...

i love your little boys, how sweet are your photos! oh, and i also love the bumper on the crib too :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Aw...brothers. How fun!