Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear friends and family

Jenn - I would like to see the 12 month picture of Emma in the black chair please.

Jenna - I would like to see more pictures of Apple please. Also, I would like to know how meal planning is going and if you have any great tips to share with me!

Abby - I would like to know how the binky situation is going. Hope you are getting more sleep!

Amy - I would like to see some more pictures of Colorado and around where you live since I haven't been there and it has to be a heck of a lot prettier than Philly! And PS - are there murders outside your window like there were in Philly? Remember when that guy killed someone (I swear he did) right outside the window and I didn't want to move in my bed in case he decided to shoot me because I witnessed it? Not joking blog glad my friends got out of there safe :) Also, I would like to see some pictures of Andrew and Joshua at the same age. I like comparison photos!

Cherie - ummm...pretty much time for you to do a whole lot of updates! I want to see the new house!

Christina - Let's see some new pictures of Brody and hear all the new things he is doing!

Megan - I would like to see some photos of the boys together. I love brother photos :) I also want to see some of Ryan's two year pictures!

Ruby - I want to know how the training is going. Are you ready for your big endeavor??

Thanks friends! I have a lot to think about during my middle of the night feedings which Tanner is liking more and more and more these days. What happened to my great sleeper?!? I think him and Noah have conspired against Megan and I. Naughty boys.


The Bains said...

Kylie!!! Binky situation is awesome. It was one night (that post) of bad and then the following nights were awesome. She doesn't even mention it anymore!

Thanks for asking :-)'

When are you coming out here again?

peteandjenn said...

Don't boss us.

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

I'll submit to your demand soon.

christinaandbrian said...

tomorrow. a post just for you. promise.