Friday, October 10, 2008

My goal

I have been hitting the gym hard since joining two weeks ago. I feel so good although I haven't dropped a pound. In fact, I am the same weight to the exact OUNCE I was the day I started. Not going to let it get me down though. So I set a goal. Every year Imperial Beach hosts a triathalon and I am going to do it! I believe it is a sprint triathalon. Here is what it entails:

1/2 Kilometer (0.31 miles) Ocean Swim
15 Kilometer (9.32 miles) Bike
5 Kilometer (3.11 miles) Run

That is my goal. Anyone want to join me?? I just have to find a bike to do some biking on. I think I may get laughed at if I try and do it on my beach cruiser ;) I have awhile to go - I believe it is in August. So there you have it.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

I wanna do it....but I'll be out walking somewhere in Oregon...trying not to die :)

christinaandbrian said...

i say ride the cruiser.

kate said...

I'll totally do it with you!

The Bains said...

Great goal...I'll cheer you on from Oregon. Denny could even make you a shirt...he makes t-shirts, ya know?!

peteandjenn said...

I'll do it with you Ky! Dang, probably be pregnant though.