Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Day

I still have to get some pics of both my lions but here are some pictures of Halloween Day. This year was so fun. Tyler enjoyed it so much and that is great to watch. We spent the evening with Dave, Shannon and Rossi and Rossi and Tyler had a blast trick or treating and going to the carnival.

In front of the big pumpkin at the start of trick or treating

BONUS - Last year in front of the same pumpkin. I noticed Chad labeled all these "Tyler in lion suit" HE WAS A MONKEY!

A new friend!

He wasn't so sure about these guys

Tanner enjoying the festivities

Chad, Dave, Shannon, Tyler and Rossi golfing at the carnival

Daddy helping Tyler decorate his cookie


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

poor Chad. he cant tell the difference between a lion and a monkey.

Amy said...

so great to talk with you. your boys are just perfect. we miss you so much!

scotty and crystal said...

Thanks for the comment. You know I didn't even see the baby. So I don't really know. But from what I understand the mom and dad do name the baby. Traditionally the medicine man or chief does but it sounds like they have kind of moved away from that now. Interesting though.

The Bell Family said...

Parker was the same lion last year for Halloween:) Cute!