Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It was Christmas in Imperial Beach on Saturday. Santa was there, crafts, face painting, cookies and juice, train rides, and games. Best of all...it was FREE! I was beginning to think my kids may not see Santa this year because all of the malls around here are charging $20! Anyway, Tyler loved him just liked last year. He ran over and jumped in the sleigh. I had just woken Tanner up and he was oblivious. Tyler is very excited for Christmas this year. He keeps talking about Santa coming to Bumpa and Nana's house. Oh, and this Santa asked him if he was going to leave cookies so now Tyler keeps saying "we need cookies for Santa and me!".

An excited Tyler (notice our beautiful weather :))

And with Tyler and Tanner. It was the best I could get of Tanner.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

How fun....I took a picture with Santa this year. There was a big Macy's grand opening here in Pas and they had lots of fun complimentary things going on including pictures with Santa. I was alone...but that didn't stop me!

Yeah....lovin' this awesome weather we have. I'll be sad to leave (coming up so soon).