Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow time!

We had the good fortune of enjoying some snow up in Oregon. I was really excited that it snowed because I wanted Tyler to get out and play in it. My dad got ONE round sled type thing (which of course Brandon promptly broke) and we all took turns. I think Jenn and I had more fun than the kids the first time around :) Tyler and Emma just like to eat the snow. When I told Tyler to stop eating the snow he told me "it isn't snow, it's chicken". Nice. Anyway, we had a blast and had fun letting the kids run around and play (and the adults too!)

Snowflakes on the tongue

Snow is cool!

Emma's not quite sure what she thinks



Showing the kids how it is done

Right before landing in a snow pile and getting snow all down my pants

Letting the kids have a turn


peteandjenn said...

Ha! That was so fun. Especially when you got snow down your pants.

kate said...

How considerate of you to let the kids have a turn.
Great pictures!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Nice one Brandon....I wish I could of been there for the snow. I love snow. Fun!!!

Amy said...

So glad you got to enjoy some snow. Maybe you should think about coming out to Denver. We get lots & lots of snow- and I'll take you coming out anyway I can!