Friday, January 30, 2009

An update

Nothing too crazy to report around here. Chad is super busy with girls water polo. Two more weeks of the season...then on to swim season. He has the San Diego Open tournament this week which was on Monday, today and tomorrow. We miss him on these long days. We actually went out to the second game on Monday night (about 30 minutes away) and then went to eat at In n Out with the team. The girls adore the boys and a handful of them come and watch the boys occassionally when they have their free block at school so I can go to the gym. Got to love built in babysitters!
Tanner is crawling. Not a very smooth crawl but definately can make his way across a room quickly if he wants to. The house is back to being baby proofed and the gates are about to come back out! No teeth yet but I don't think it will be long now!
Tyler is doing great. He asks to go to school every day. We are looking at a class for him that starts in September. It is called the Preppy class and meets a couple of mornings a week. It is the preschool that feeds into our district. I think he would enjoy that. He also joined the wiffle ball team for Imperial Beach Little League. He is so excited to start (end of February). Him and Rossi will be on the same team. Should be funny to watch!
Here are the boys this morning. So hard to get a good shot of them!



Khourt said...

I think thats a great shot of them. They are both so cute.

JW's said...

Good lookin boys! They look so well behaved:)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said... I love that Tyler wants to go to school. :) so cute!

Amy said...

what a sweet picture of your boys!