Monday, January 26, 2009

Vegas baby!

Bright and early Saturday morning Chad and I got in the car to go and meet some of our very best friends in Vegas (Dave & Angi). They moved to Texas in October 2007. Chad and I stayed for one night. We had the best of time. I had never been to Vegas before. Some of the highlights included:

*Buffet at the Bellagio
*Jay Leno show
*Exploring the Wynn hotel
*Angi and I riding every ride on top of the stratosphere - including the big shot 4 times (may have been scarier then when the two of us went sky diving)
*Crab & ice cream for breakfast
*Just being with our friends!

Chad's parents watched the boys and they did well. I was really nervous leaving them (especially Tanner) but he did pretty good. I have only ever been away from Tyler for two nights (once to give birth to Tanner in July, once in December) so needless to say leaving them was hard! Chad's parents did great but were beyond exhausted. They said they couldn't believe how tiring it was and how I did that every day. I told them that is why you have kids in your 20's and 30's and not your late 50's!!

A few pics -

The classic Vegas sign picture


Out on Saturday night

Dave and Angi (move back please)

I miss her.

They guys said we may have enjoyed it more if we opened our eyes.


Lucas said...

are you short? or is everyone else tall? I never pictured you as a short person. lol!

Adam Hazlett said...

looks like you had a great time- so love being with good friends!

peteandjenn said...


kate said...

Yup, you're crazy.
Cute pictures though.

scotty and crystal said...

Fun, I love Vegas!! So much to see and do and so fun with good friends. You guys look super cute!

The Bains said...

That last picture is sooo funny :-) How fun to get away for a short trip! Denny and I are thinking about leaving our kids for FOUR NIGHTS...ahhhhhh! But we NEED to get away :-)

Hope to see you soon?!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said... fun!

JW's said...

FUN!!! Isn't the Wynn amazing! Did you go to Encore? You guy's should meet us over there sometime:)