Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brothers in one room

Chad and I decided to take back our office! We need our computer after 6:30 pm (when Tanner goes to sleep) so we moved them in together. I actually did it as a surprise for Chad (even hung up Tanners name by myself!). We did set up the pack n' play in the office for the nights when Tanner awakes and is too noisy. He no longer gets fed at night but sometimes does wake and fuss a bit and settles back down. Here how it has gone so far -

Night #1 - Tyler wakes up at 12:30 am (first time waking up in the middle of the night in MONTHS!). Wakes up Tanner. I move Tanner to pack n' play in the other room. He sleeps the rest of the night there.

Night #2 - Tanner wakes up at 12:30 am. He wakes Tyler up who then is saying "mommy, Tanner's crying". We move Tanner into the pack n' play in the office. He sleeps the rest of the night there.

Night #3 - see above. Same time and everything. What is up with the 12:30 hour!?!

Night #4 - SUCCESS!!! Nobody awakes. Tanner is fast asleep when I go in there at 5:15 am (I feed him before I leave for bootcamp or he normally wakes at 6:00 and is not happy if I am not there). After feeding he goes in the pack n' play but YEAH! They did it together for the whole night! Hope it keeps up.

Here are a few pictures of their room together. Tyler loves having Tanner in there.





The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

How cute. Brothers!

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

nice.. and hey good job going to boot camp! i haven't been to the gym since... ... Nov?