Monday, April 27, 2009

This weekend

Friday - I played Bunco with a bunch of crazy friends. I have never played before. I had so much fun. I also won $20 for having the most Buncos. Go me!

Saturday - The four of us went bike riding and ended up at the park to hit some golf balls. Then we went over to Tyler's wiffle ball game. After the game Chad spent the rest of the afternoon barbequing and making shrimp cocktail and ceviche. Yummy! It was a nice laid back afternoon with the family. This is also the night that my neighbor was the lovely recipient of a police taser gun. Nice. Probably time for him to learn to control his temper...just sayin.

Sunday - I woke up nice and early to hit the twice yearly Parent Connection swap meet with Kate. It is a swap meet with ALL kids stuff. I got some nice stuff for the boys. Lots of Gap, Gymboree, Quicksilver, etc. Didn't pay more than a dollar for anything! When I got home we packed up and went to the Padre game. It was a lot of fun. We stayed for about 5 innings then walked around the convention center and the bay. Then we went to a park in Coronado to play and then our last stop was to bring some dinner to Jeremy (he is in the hospital recovering from surgery).

It was an awesome weekend and I have not one picture to show for it. Good job mom. Gotta go...headed out to SeaWorld for the morning!


Adam H said...

now that's a good weekend! good job on the cheap finds- love those!

Abby Bain said...

You are the busiest mom I know. Maybe it has to do with something we don't get much of here. It's called The Sun. :-)