Tuesday, June 2, 2009


(Yes I am aware I have been a bad blogger. We went to Oregon and Canada. I left my camera battery at my brother's house and have no pictures. Waiting for my aunt to send me some....)

Chad and I chaperoned prom on Saturday night. We went to a nice dinner before hand. It was a lot of fun to see all the kids dressed up. That being said, I am locking my kids up and they are NOT going to high school! It really made me feel old being at prom again. That was over ten years ago for me. Wow.

A massive line dance. Really fun to watch!

Chad and I (he had his tie off and shirt unbuttoned before we got in the car to leave!)

Tony and Ashley

Natalie and Alexis (they also refer to themselves as our kids

Loren and Mike (this girl is awesome...valedictorian, captain of the cheer squad, water polo and swim teams, ASB president and a great babysitter!)


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

man. prom was so fun! shopping for the perfect dress then getting mad at your friends for having a dress the same color as yours. then calling your date to tell him what color tie to get to match your dress. ha ha ha ha!