Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potty Training??!!!

So the other night Tyler went potty before the bath and Tanner wanted to go to. So I put him on and he went. I thought it was a fluke but we did our potty dance and gave him a sticker. Yesterday he wanted nothing to do with his diaper. He ended up going pee on the potty about 15 times and pooped on it 3 times. He had two pee accidents and one poop but stayed dry at nap. Today we are so far accident free. We even went to Costco and Target and he stayed clean and dry. AND he went potty at Target. So, I am going to go with it and see. He is only 19 months and I wasn't expecting this for awhile but I will take it! I can't believe how big he is getting....

Such a goof.

He would stay on the swing at the park forever if you let him.

Smiley pants.

Whatever big brother does, he does.

Lil Bro

Rockin his big boy underwear.


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

wow that is awesome! How old was Tyler when he started?

Kate said...

Nice work Tanner!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

That's so funny. He just made up his mind. Hopefully it sticks! Lunch was fun. See you in Oregon soon!

christinaandbrian said...

brody loves the potty too! way eariler than i wanted but we are rollin with it too. he's not as good at the pooping...and i'm not very good at getting him there on the wkends. hooray for childcare i guess they are much better at it than i. mother of the year?