Monday, September 20, 2010

My precious 2 year old

It has been a (very long) while since I have posted. I am finally finishing up my teaching credential and am teaching 3rd grade full time until October 26 (not that I am counting). On top of teaching, I also have to take a class through the first week of November that corresponds with my teaching. The class is every other week but the assignments are more frequent. So, I am pretty tired when I get home and just want to hang with my boys!
I can't skip over the fact that my "baby" turned 2. I cannot put in to words how much I adore this boy. He is precious, sweet, goofy, stubborn, and I am so blessed to be his mommy. He has been out of diapers since February when he was only 19 months old. He wants to be JUST like his big brother and that meant no diapers so he went with it! He isn't near as verbal as Tyler but slowly gaining more and more words and knows what he wants. He loves to ride bikes, play ball, trucks, playdough, coloring, stickers, and being a helper to anything you want to do.
We had an Elmo themed party to celebrate and had lots of friends over. We had a bounce house, made an Elmo craft, colored Elmo pages, and broke open a pinata and collected our candy in Elmo bags. Tanner was so happy to be surrounded by his friends, eat his pizza and cake and of course open his presents!


Melissa ✿ Fletcher said...

This looks super!! New follower of your blog Kylie, love what your doing :]