Friday, November 19, 2010


This year was an exceptionally fun year with the boys and Halloween.  I find that as they get older, every holiday (4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, etc) get more and more fun.  They get so much in to the spirit of things and just have a great time.  This year, Tyler was a fireman and Tanner was a (recycled) lion (Tyler's costume from 2 years ago).  We got to dress up for a fun day at Tyler's school, for a carnival at church and to Trick or Treat.  A group of our friends all got together and took the kids out to trick or treat.  Not only did the boys have a blast, it was an enjoyable night out walking with our friends!

          The best picture I got of Tyler's class!

Tyler's pumpkin
Patient daddy carved Winnie the Pooh for Tanner
My heart.
Dave and Shannon got in to the spirit!
Staying close to daddy.
They had the hang of it by this point!