Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tyler's Art Show

Tyler's class was part of an art show put on by their preschool.  They each painted two tiles individually and then they did a group project and made a rocket and a train out of recycled materials the class brought in.  It was cute because the kids dressed up fancy, the teacher passed out roses and then they ate cookies and drank apple juice out of champagne glasses.  I loved it!

Goofy brothers
 Some classmates - Aiden, Manny, Tyler, Benecio, Danielle, Elizabeth
 Mrs. Mendoza and Tyler
 Cami, Tanner and Tyler enjoying the goodies
 His tile - on the back it is described "I am in Oregon.  I see ice and snow."
 His other tile.
 The recycled rocket ship
 The recycled train

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I ran my first race today with my friend Sarah.  A 10K (6.2 miles).  I have been running a lot but have never gone beyond 5 miles.  It was a great goal to work toward and I enjoyed accomplishing it for myself.  I finished in 56 minutes, 47 seconds.  My goal was to make it under an hour and I did!  It was fun being part of such a large race.  I have been asked if my next goal is a 1/2 marathon.  My answer to that  I am, however, doing a 5K mud run next month which should be fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Driveway Afternoons

Sometimes we don't make it out for a bike ride to the beach or the park.  Our driveway is awesome for days like this because our boys are still little enough that they love riding their skateboards/bikes/scooters up and down the driveway.  They can, and we do, stay out for hours.  Today they played with daddy while I went for a run and then Chad and I sat and read and talked while they played for longer.  I love that they have so much fun playing together.  It is amazing all the new little games they make up and play together.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Las Vegas!

My sister and I had the chance to meet up in Las Vegas for two nights.  We had a wonderful time relaxing, enjoying each other's company, eating, sleeping without interruptions, walking around checking out hotels, riding the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere, shopping and trying to stay warm.  Yes, it was in the low 20's when we were there.  Although both of us did check the weather before we left we really didn't pack accordingly.  Turns out we both work our black jackets and jeans most of the trip.   We had a fabulous time in a fabulous corner suite on the top floor of the Aria.  It was hard to not want to stay in our room enjoying the view the whole time!

In the limo on the way to the hotel

 Top of the Stratosphere...cold.
 Self portrait - how's my angle Jenn?

 Buying treats for the kiddos before leaving at the 4 story M&M store

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Kavanagh Tradition

When Chad was a kid, him and his parents often stopped and got a pizza and went to the tide pool in La Jolla to explore.  He said he loved those times and wants to do the same thing with our boys.  Last weekend we ordered a pizza and headed to the tide pools for the afternoon.  The boys had so much fun looking at all the sea life, playing on the rocks and going in to a "cave" with daddy.  I did learn my lesson though - water shoes and trunks with an extra change of clothes is a must!