Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little League Opening Day and Skateboarding

Tyler has started t-ball!  The opening day was last Saturday.  They kick of the start of spring ball with a big ceremony that introduces all the teams and then it is followed by a big carnival with rides and games.  Tyler is so excited to play this year and he wakes up every day and asks if it is a "baseball" day.  He has some good buddies on his team and it is neat to see him grow and learn the sport and the excitement he has on the field.  This is good because since he moved up from wiffle ball to t-ball the number of games has too!  More shots to come of his first game!

A special treat!! (that was on small cotton candy split in two - I wonder what the large looked like!)

My sweet Tanner has a love for skateboarding.  A kind of love that is a "jump out of the car and run straight for my skateboard every time we are coming and going" kind of love.  He also loves to wear this beanie that is two sizes too small.  He stole it from the bag for baby Mo and manages to wear it every day.  I have to say it is pretty adorable.  So, Tyler goes to school and mommy sits in the driveway while her little man rides his skateboard.