Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soda Geysers

There are some things every child needs to experience.  Putting Mentos in a bottle of soda is one of them.  But why stop at just one bottle?  Nope, not us.  We load up with 12 bottles of soda and just as much Mento candy and head to the park.  Daddy with the video camera, mommy with the camera.  And we teach the boys how to put the candy in to the launcher, pull the pin and run like crazy to avoid the geyser of water shooting in the air.  And oh how they laughed.  And then they would run back just as the fountain was over and try to drink the last of it like a water fountain.  And all is worth it when your kids are laughing, the sun is shining and the soda is flying high!

Deposit candy in
 Ready to pull the pin
 Here it comes
 Run Tyler!
 It never gets boring
 The giggles were continuous
 Their smiles make everything worth it
 Soda Rain Dance


Amy said...

LOVE it!!!

CJ Wilkes said...

Oh my goodness - how funny and cute is that!?!!!