Monday, April 25, 2011

A little getaway

This past week Chad and I were able to go away for a couple of days.  Just us.  It was really nice to enjoy the company of each other without interruption.  Chad got some golfing in, I got some shopping in, we laid by the pool, and ate long, drawn out meals together.  As much as we love and adore our children, this trip was a little reminder that we have to remember to carve out some "couple" time together.  And yes, we took a grand total of two pictures over three days.  Good job us!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Before we left for Oregon, both boys (and Chad) all got hair cuts.  Tyler and Tanner love getting their hair cut (it could possibly have to do with the candy they get to choose at the end of the haircut).  It is so cute to watch them sit there so still.  And of course, they look so handsome when they are done!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Oregon - The Finale

The end of the trip brought an egg hunt 
and the end of the rain (for now).
The kids were excited to collect their eggs
 Look what I found!
 Mo caught on really quick to the egg hunt
and he loooovvveedd the chocolate eggs!
 And with no rain we headed outside
to the big swing 

 And the kids helped Bumpa build a fire
Mo loved collecting the sticks
 Tyler LOVES helping build and stoke the fire
He stayed out for hours
 Cousin love

 And no day outside is complete with out some time on the trampoline
Emma is quite the gymnast 
 Crazy hair
Adorable girl

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oregon Part 2

And the fun continues
With American Dream Pizza...a Corvallis classic
 A trip to Trader Joe's with kid size carts - the boys were SO happy
 Another fun day at the bounce house
Precious Moses
 Fun in the ball pit
Crazy camera smile from Tanner
 I love him
 Emma knows how to make her brother laugh!
 We dyed Easter Eggs
Nana is going to be eating hard boiled eggs for awhile
Tanner exploring the hail storm 
More to come
We had lots of adventures.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oregon Part 1

We ate Popsicles

 And some just ate....
We read stories

And we played,
and laughed,
and explored, 
and relaxed
and mostly just enjoyed each other's company.

And as I said my goodbye's
and wiped away the tears
 I thanked God for my wonderful, normal, loving family.

To be continued....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Tweets

I took an idea off of this very talented lady here -  I love using her ideas and printables for fun crafts and little gifts.  Tyler and I made Sweet Tweets to pass out to his friends at school.  The kids loved getting them, Tyler loved giving them and I loved making them!  It was a success!  I thought they were so cute I also passed them out to the staff in the office at the school where I used to teach (and still occasionally do!).  Even the adults loved them!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Scorching afternoon sun brings friends calling for relief.  
Which ends up with towels and swimsuits packed.
And then two boys lathered with sunscreen are in the car and are heading to the park.
At the park adults seek relief in the shade as the littles run around in the water having the time of their life.  
And boy do they have fun.  
Waiting to see what water is going to spurt out of what fountain and how fast can they fill their buckets of water to throw on each other.  
And amen to watching your children have fun.  
And of course, a hot day at the park isn't complete without a popsicle from the ice cream truck.