Monday, April 4, 2011

Back to Childhood

We attempted to go to the tide pools last weekend and once we arrived we found out we were a little too late...tide was way up, no pools to be had :)  Chad came prepared and we went to Mission Bay Park to fly kites, walk along the shore and play at the playground.  Turns out a game that annoyed ME when I was younger is in fact, a favorite of my boys.  The game where you are walking/running and dad trips you.  My dad used to do this to us all.the.time.  It is hilarious to watch my boys giggle, run away and fall down when we get them.  They could have played this for hours!  Watching them play brings me back to my childhood.  Lately I feel this constant reminder that nags me in my mind that tomorrow these boys are going to be a bit bigger.  So days like these, I soak up and cherish our time together.

It was windy!
 I would have bet money someone was slipping off but they all remained on!
 Get me daddy, get me!!
 Lost a shoe!
 You ready to get me mommy?
 Be a monster daddy and we will get you!
 If I lift my feet up, I go faster


mom said...

I still like tripping Dad! It never gets old (although we could break a hip now!haha)