Sunday, May 29, 2011

Con - New Battery, Pro - Play Time!

My car battery died the other day.  Chad charged it up through the night from a portable battery generator and the next morning it struggled to start but it did start.  I ran some errands and when leaving to go get Tyler from school it REALLY struggled.  I picked up Tyler and Glorie and went back to the car and got nothing.  We haven't replaced the battery in 5 years so I figured it was probably about time.  I borrowed some jumper cables and my sweet friend Maryann (Glorie's mom) met me and we jumped the car.  She followed me to Auto Zone who confirmed my need for a new battery.  We picked one up and headed home where Chad later installed it.  So, bummer for needing to buy a new battery but the boys loved being able to "help" daddy work on the car and run around with Tommy Tucker!  Any excuse to be outside is good enough for my boys!

Popsicles and car work...a few of a boy's favorite things
 Rockin his favorite outfit on his favorite mode of transportation
 A rolly poly bug!  
 Loving on Tommy Tucker
 A boy and his dog...precious
 Oh how they love this dog

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy and Tyler date night

Last Saturday we were given two free tickets to the San Diego Padres game by a very nice Navy man.  He couldn't use them and saw us riding our bikes as a family and gave them to us.  Chad's back had been bothering him so I decided to take Tyler on a date.  Tanner was perfectly happy to stay at home with daddy and play.  Tyler and I caught the trolley to the ball field.  We had to be bussed part of the way because they were working on the trolley tracks so we got our full share of public transportation that night.  Tyler loved it!  He thouroughly enjoyed watching the Padres play and said he was watching them so he could learn to throw and hit like them.  Although he did mention that the white team (Padres) should practice their hitting with the gray team (Mariners) because the gray team was hitting so much better.  He had some people laughing around us!

On the trolley
 Hanging on the bus
 Padre giveaway.  He was so excited they gave him something!!
 Padres in the field
 Waving his new flag
 He chose ice cream for a special came in a mini helmet which of course we rinsed and brought home
 I love my little man!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A very special trip

I was invited to a FAM trip at the Beverly Hilton.  It was so much fun!  I stayed 2 nights in a wonderful suite.  We had an amazing time.  On Wednesday we had an amazing 5 course dinner on the top floor of the hotel, Thursday morning brought a massage followed by getting my hair and makeup done, then we went to the taping of Ellen and then to the premier of Hangover 2 in Hollywood.  We watched the stars walk the red carpet and then joined them and the cast for the premier.  It was an awesome experience!  After that we went to Spago (Wolfgang Puck's first restaurant) and enjoyed a phenomenal meal.  I stayed for breakfast Friday morning and then headed home.  It was amazing and I was lucky that Christi invited me to attend!!

1 of 2 Goodie Bags!!
 A fun candy structure with chocolate!
 View from my balcony at night
 Room service breakfast in bed!
 Morning coffee on the balcony
 Beautiful day
 My suite
 Christi and I being chauffeured to Ellen
 Hangover 2 Premier set up on Hollywood Blvd
 Watching the stars walk the red carpet in to the theater
 Christi and I

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some pretty awesome kids

As teachers, we get the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome kids
including some amazing teenagers.
Because Chad is a coach we spend additional time with these teens
on the pool deck
and sometimes barbecuing, at the park, or at our house
And my little boy Tanner pretends he is shy
Until there is a hot tub full of teenage girls
and then he isn't so shy!
And we care deeply for all these teens
and they hold a very special place in the heart of Chad and I.

Noah is 3!

My dear friend Megan and I had our kids at very close to the same time.  Our oldest are one day apart and our youngest are exactly 2 months apart.  The difference is, is that she is choosing to do it a third, not so much.  This past weekend we got to celebrate Noah's 3rd birthday.  My boys always love birthday parties, but more so when their best friends are involved!  They played at the park, in the water, kicked around beach balls and painted.  Of course, the favorite part was the cupcakes.  Always!!

Cake time!
 Sweet birthday boy
 Loving the icing!
 Opening our present
 The truck Tanner picked for his buddy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tommy Tucker

It was Mother's Day
We were going bowling
And then to frozen yogurt
But somewhere in between point A and B
We made a detour
And there was no bowling
or frozen yogurt.
But there was a puppy, needing a family
And all 3 of my boys are in love
And it is so much better then bowling
And almost as good as frozen yogurt :)
We love him.
He's a perfect fit for our family.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Most magical place on Earth

Megan and I packed up the four boys and headed to Disneyland this past week for a wonderful day in 90 degree weather.  They boys had SO much fun riding the rides together.  Ryan and Tyler thought they were the coolest kids on the block when they were riding in the front of the Matterhorn with just each other.  Their smiles were priceless.  Every ride they got off they would run to the next and tell us they were going together.
We have had so much fun with the Disneyland passes this year.  I am pretty sure we will not renew next year and take a break so the "magic" is still there but every time we plan a trip the boys are bright eyed and ready to go first thing in the morning.  Hopefully we get another opportunity to take the boys together before our passes expire.  Their moments together were priceless!

Big boys taking the lead.
 Fun together.
 Ready for Autopia
 Driving the Autopia car
 Goofy.  The other two weren't wanting a picture at this time....
 Monsters, Inc. car
 Racing to the front of the line
 Entertaining themselves by bumping each other.   And thinking it was hilarious.
 Little boys together!
 Tired, but happy that our boys are happy.