Sunday, May 29, 2011

Con - New Battery, Pro - Play Time!

My car battery died the other day.  Chad charged it up through the night from a portable battery generator and the next morning it struggled to start but it did start.  I ran some errands and when leaving to go get Tyler from school it REALLY struggled.  I picked up Tyler and Glorie and went back to the car and got nothing.  We haven't replaced the battery in 5 years so I figured it was probably about time.  I borrowed some jumper cables and my sweet friend Maryann (Glorie's mom) met me and we jumped the car.  She followed me to Auto Zone who confirmed my need for a new battery.  We picked one up and headed home where Chad later installed it.  So, bummer for needing to buy a new battery but the boys loved being able to "help" daddy work on the car and run around with Tommy Tucker!  Any excuse to be outside is good enough for my boys!

Popsicles and car work...a few of a boy's favorite things
 Rockin his favorite outfit on his favorite mode of transportation
 A rolly poly bug!  
 Loving on Tommy Tucker
 A boy and his dog...precious
 Oh how they love this dog


Jenna said...

you are so good at updates! I plan on being a good blogger once we move. ;) I Love that picture of Tan-Tan sittin on his skate board.