Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy and Tyler date night

Last Saturday we were given two free tickets to the San Diego Padres game by a very nice Navy man.  He couldn't use them and saw us riding our bikes as a family and gave them to us.  Chad's back had been bothering him so I decided to take Tyler on a date.  Tanner was perfectly happy to stay at home with daddy and play.  Tyler and I caught the trolley to the ball field.  We had to be bussed part of the way because they were working on the trolley tracks so we got our full share of public transportation that night.  Tyler loved it!  He thouroughly enjoyed watching the Padres play and said he was watching them so he could learn to throw and hit like them.  Although he did mention that the white team (Padres) should practice their hitting with the gray team (Mariners) because the gray team was hitting so much better.  He had some people laughing around us!

On the trolley
 Hanging on the bus
 Padre giveaway.  He was so excited they gave him something!!
 Padres in the field
 Waving his new flag
 He chose ice cream for a special came in a mini helmet which of course we rinsed and brought home
 I love my little man!!


Abby Bain said...

CUTE! So fun you did that special date with him AND he got to take home that awesome hat :-)