Monday, May 9, 2011

Most magical place on Earth

Megan and I packed up the four boys and headed to Disneyland this past week for a wonderful day in 90 degree weather.  They boys had SO much fun riding the rides together.  Ryan and Tyler thought they were the coolest kids on the block when they were riding in the front of the Matterhorn with just each other.  Their smiles were priceless.  Every ride they got off they would run to the next and tell us they were going together.
We have had so much fun with the Disneyland passes this year.  I am pretty sure we will not renew next year and take a break so the "magic" is still there but every time we plan a trip the boys are bright eyed and ready to go first thing in the morning.  Hopefully we get another opportunity to take the boys together before our passes expire.  Their moments together were priceless!

Big boys taking the lead.
 Fun together.
 Ready for Autopia
 Driving the Autopia car
 Goofy.  The other two weren't wanting a picture at this time....
 Monsters, Inc. car
 Racing to the front of the line
 Entertaining themselves by bumping each other.   And thinking it was hilarious.
 Little boys together!
 Tired, but happy that our boys are happy.