Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun at the Fair!

We had so much fun at the fair!
We enjoyed sno cones, curly fries, turkey legs, ice cream and fudge
We rode rides
Looked at animals
And walked around the Expo
The kids loved it
Chad and I loved it
It was a fantastic day together!

 Petting a cow - Tanner wasn't quite so sure about it
 Ready to ride the rides!
 The motorcycles - always a favorite!

 Spider swings!
 Finally big enough to ride the "lay down" ride!
 Roller coaster - they love the front!!
 Crazy car!  Crazy face!
 Final ride of the day - gigantic slide!  Love those faces.
 Tyler HAD to have a pickle!  The whole family shared it.
 Ending the day with the foot massage machines.