Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Chad's parents bought us all tickets to go to Legoland and we had a fantastic time.  We had been once before when Tyler was 2 and Tanner was a few months but it was much different this time because the boys were able to enjoy all the rides and attractions.  There were a few that Tanner had to sit out of because he wasn't quite tall enough but Tyler was able to get on them all.  It was a fantastic day and the boys can't wait to go back!

Ready to go!
 First roller coaster ride of the day!
 Shooting the water gun!
 Tanner shooting
 Lego lion
 Train ride
 Ready to pull daddy up with the rope
 Driving the car, one of his favorites!
 Tyler driving - he loved to weave back and forth
 A very serious boat driver
 It took Tanner and I forever to go around the course
 My knight
 Another roller coaster ride
 This was Tanner's absolute favorite!!
 They couldn't get enough.  Tanner was this happy every time!
 Family slide race!
 Racing the boat around
 Bob the Builder and Tanner
 Batman and Tyler