Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tyler's First Field Trip

On Monday Tyler went on his first field trip.  It was so adorable watching him and his classmates board the bus together.  He had a blast riding the bus by himself.  A parent in the class also is a screen printer and made each child a shirt with the name of their school, their name and the SeaWorld logo.  It was great that Chad was off of work too so Tanner, Chad and I got to go on the field trip (of course we were instructed to drive in our car while Tyler rode the bus!).  It was so fun watching all the kids enjoy SeaWorld together!  (I was REALLY bad about taking pictures!)

 Tyler and Daddy - Tyler was so excited Daddy could come on his field trip!
 My good friend Michelle and her son Kody (you can kind of see the t shirt that was made on Kody)
 My sweet little man


The Kirkbrides said...

How fun! The water balloon pictures are sure cute too. Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks!