Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pool Party!!

We enjoyed a super fun pool party in honor of Sequoia's 7th birthday.
The boys had a blast playing all the water games.
And each of them was on a winning team for different relays.
Daddy got in and played, I enjoyed the sunshine from the deck.
It was a great celebration of a wonderful boy!

Daddy and his boys
 Ready for the relay
 He loves swimming with daddy
 Tyler's turn for the relay
 Daddy launcher
 Surfing on daddy

 Cute kiddos

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun at the Mall

Megan and I met at the mall the other day.
The kids played with the train tables at the mall.
We got some birthday party supplies for Tanner's upcoming party.
We tried on different baby carriers for Megan's upcoming baby!
And then we got the kids Hot Dog on a Stick
and let them cool off in the fountains.
A great afternoon!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swimming Lessons!!

Tyler is in his third session of swimming lessons this summer.
Tanner is in his second.
They both are doing so well!  Tyler was "promoted" to level 3 since he is doing so well.
The next closest person in age in his class is 8 years old.
He looks so little but is swimming so well and has passed the swimming test so he can swim on his own in the big pool!
Both boys love jumping off the diving board.  
Tanner loves practicing his bobs, jumping in the water and loves his back float.
He wants to swim by himself like his brother, but he isn't quite there yet.  
Hopefully by next summer they are both independently swimming!

So happy in the pool.

 Swimming across the pool.
 Guppy noodle train
 Tanner getting ready to jump.  The first few times he was nervous walking to the end of the board so he crawled.
 Practicing his bubbles.
 His favorite part.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three years old.

i love you much
(most beautiful darling)
more than anyone on
the earth and i like you
better than everything
in the sky.
c.c. cummings

My sweet Tanner,
Three years old.  Wow,  I can't believe it was three years ago that you made me a mommy for the second time.  You are a joy.  You love to do everything daddy does and want to be with him all the time.  Your favorite past time right now is golfing.  You often wake up and go in the backyard before breakfast to practice.  You adore your big brother and want to do everything he does.  You are always asking to go to school and can't wait for your turn (although mommy can!).  You are a fantastic eater, a wonderful sleeper and have such a wonderful personality.  Your favorite phrase right now is "no way man" and you can always get your brother laughing.  I love every moment (well almost every moment) I get to spend with you.  You melt my heart every single day.
I love you more my sweet baby boy.
Your mommy

Days old

One year

Two years

My big three year old

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And the livin' is easy....

More beach.
We have spent most of the week there.
This time Chip, Bethany, Taylor, Zaq, Sarah and Zyden joined us.
Chip and Chad perfected the beach pool.
And even added a slide.
The kids ran back and forth with buckets of water.
The girls walked to Subway for lunch
and we sat back, enjoyed the warm sun
and watched our kids loving life on the beach!

Digging a hole.  His favorite thing to do.
 Getting sandy...his favorite thing to do!!
 Tanner and Taylor running to the water.
 Chip and Chad filling up the pool!
 Such a good invention!
 Taylor and Tyler - cheese faces.
 Sarah and Zyden enjoying the sun.
 Three 3 year olds...trouble.
 Zaq, Bethany and Chad - relaxing (Bethany is going to add another one to this crazy mix in January!)
We are ready for next time!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A favorite summer park

One of our favorite summer parks is in Chula Vista
There is great play structures
But even better are the fountains for the kids to run in.
The kids go back and forth between the water and the park
And sometimes pause for a snack.
We can stay here for hours (and do!)
We met Kate, Brayden and Nolan there this week.
Kate and I were able to catch up
and the kids ran around and played.
That night the boys were in bed EARLY!
We are loving summer!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


We LOVE living a mile from the beach.
We take advantage of being this close.
Many times a week we pack up the buckets, boogie boards, and towels.
We meet friends, kids play, we enjoy the sun, sand and water.
I think my kids would be happy here every day of the week!!

Tanner getting ready to catch a wave.
 The wave caught him!
 Daddy is pretty awesome and makes the boys a pool
 Happy kid.
 The tarp goes in to keep the water in.
 Filling up the pool.
 SO fun!

 This boy does not mind sand all over.  Not at all.