Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And the livin' is easy....

More beach.
We have spent most of the week there.
This time Chip, Bethany, Taylor, Zaq, Sarah and Zyden joined us.
Chip and Chad perfected the beach pool.
And even added a slide.
The kids ran back and forth with buckets of water.
The girls walked to Subway for lunch
and we sat back, enjoyed the warm sun
and watched our kids loving life on the beach!

Digging a hole.  His favorite thing to do.
 Getting sandy...his favorite thing to do!!
 Tanner and Taylor running to the water.
 Chip and Chad filling up the pool!
 Such a good invention!
 Taylor and Tyler - cheese faces.
 Sarah and Zyden enjoying the sun.
 Three 3 year olds...trouble.
 Zaq, Bethany and Chad - relaxing (Bethany is going to add another one to this crazy mix in January!)
We are ready for next time!!


Amy said...

looks like so much fun!