Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pool Party!!

We enjoyed a super fun pool party in honor of Sequoia's 7th birthday.
The boys had a blast playing all the water games.
And each of them was on a winning team for different relays.
Daddy got in and played, I enjoyed the sunshine from the deck.
It was a great celebration of a wonderful boy!

Daddy and his boys
 Ready for the relay
 He loves swimming with daddy
 Tyler's turn for the relay
 Daddy launcher
 Surfing on daddy

 Cute kiddos


Anonymous said...

Ky we are so lucky to have the ocean and sun all the time....but I've been trained to do my swimming in pools. Im not good at swimming in the ocean and I dont like that sticky salt water feeling or the fear of jelly fish stinging me ha ha ha....I want to be in your friend's pool.


The Kirkbrides said...

What fun! Those kiddos sure know how to have fun at the pool!