Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swimming Lessons!!

Tyler is in his third session of swimming lessons this summer.
Tanner is in his second.
They both are doing so well!  Tyler was "promoted" to level 3 since he is doing so well.
The next closest person in age in his class is 8 years old.
He looks so little but is swimming so well and has passed the swimming test so he can swim on his own in the big pool!
Both boys love jumping off the diving board.  
Tanner loves practicing his bobs, jumping in the water and loves his back float.
He wants to swim by himself like his brother, but he isn't quite there yet.  
Hopefully by next summer they are both independently swimming!

So happy in the pool.

 Swimming across the pool.
 Guppy noodle train
 Tanner getting ready to jump.  The first few times he was nervous walking to the end of the board so he crawled.
 Practicing his bubbles.
 His favorite part.