Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow how time flies....

Today the day came where I walked my first born to his kindergarten classroom.
Five years seems like a long time but somehow it feels like just yesterday I held him,
kissed him, and cuddled his sweet tiny baby self.
A few months ago I was hit hard with emotion thinking of him starting school full time.
And today he was so excited, full of smiles and ready to start.
But as he walked in his class and found his seat, I realized how fast time has passed.
It is hard to leave him in the care of someone else for six hours.
And all day I was thinking of him.  He crowded my thoughts.
Is he having fun?  What is he doing?  Did he eat his lunch?
Does he miss Tanner, Daddy and I?  
But what an exciting journey has begun.
I picked him up and he was full of smiles.  Already making sure he gets to go back tomorrow.
A little part of me has to let go.  And realize that I can't always protect you.
And some days will be sad, some days will be lonely, but most will be wonderful.
Just keep being your sweet self little boy, because the world needs more hearts like yours!

In the car with his new superhero lunchbox
 Tyler and Cayden
 Glorie and Tyler - their 3rd year in school together!
 My boys and I
 His class - his teacher Mrs. Day is in red
 Tyler and his buddy Kody, he was excited to sit next to him since they are preschool friends!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...this is such a good reminder it made me a little teary. i'll keep your post in mind as i start this 'new thing' called motherhood. when i'm barfing i'll try and remind myself pregnancy will be over before I know it and cherish the mornings I'm waking up at 2am to feed my new human and havnt showered in 3 days.


The Kirkbrides said...

Wow, I can't believe Tyler is already in Kindergarten! They do grow up so quickly :) But what an adventure each stage brings! Hope school keeps going great for you guys!