Monday, September 5, 2011

Matt & Christi

I was honored to stand beside my friend Christi and she married the love of her life yesterday.
The wedding was amazing.
Every detail was perfect and Christi was the most beautiful bride.
Weddings always remind me walking down the aisle with Chad seven years ago.
And how wonderful marriage is.
I wish Matt and Christi the best in this journey before them!

Christi and I at the rehearsal dinner
 My love.
 Holly and I
 Almost ready to get in her gown!
 Bridesmaids - Robyn, Megan, Lara, me and Holly (Melissa is missing in this photo!)
 All ready to go - such a beautiful bride
 Fancy reception
 Amazing cake
 We had so much fun together
 Melissa, me and Lara
 The first dance


JW's said...

Amazing wedding, you look great!!

Adam H said...

what a beautiful wedding! Kylie, you look stunning :)