Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner aboard the USS Sampson

We had a really neat opportunity to eat dinner with our neighbors Jeff and Michelle aboard the USS Sampson.  Michelle is an officer aboard this ship.  It is an anti-submarine, anti-warfare destroyer.  These ships are rarely opened to the public so we were blessed to not only get to look around the ship but also eat dinner with members of our military that protect us.

Us with Michelle in front of a missile launcher
 With Jeff and Michelle coming down the (very) steep stairs
 Tanner's favorite thing....driving the destroyer!
 Another flight of stairs
 Goofy boys eating their second Thanksgiving dinner
 Tanner really wanted a picture with the guy with the guns!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Las Vegas!

My grandparents won a trip to Las Vegas at the grocery store!
My aunt was going with them and my mom joined.
I thought, hey, Vegas is close....
Called up a few of my girlfriends,
two of them said YES!
So we made a quick trip to Las Vegas.
I loved seeing my grandparents, aunt and mom 
and of course I loved me some girl time!

Love these girls.
 My aunt and Sarah rode the big shot with me!
 Top of the Stratosphere
 With my grandparents and my mom.  So special to see them!
 Relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Recently I took the boys bowling.
They LOVED it!
Tanner had to be coached a bit because he would drop the ball
and then try and kick it.
It was so adorable to watch them wait for the ball
and the excitement that came when it was there turn.
In the first game Tanner beat Tyler by one point
but the second game Tyler blew both Tanner AND mommy
right out of the water.
Actually pretty embarrassing!
They are anxious to go again!

Ready, bowl!
 Perfect aim.
 Picking up his ball
 My loves

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fire Department Open House

We had a great time exploring all the emergency vehicles and equipment.
My boys were especially fascinated with the bomb unit.
And after looking at the pictures of burn victims, the really no to leave matches alone!
Tyler was thrilled with the rock climbing wall 
so of course Tanner had to give it a whirl too.
These boys are such a blessing
and it is a joy to explore things with them!!

So excited to drive the fire truck!
 Tyler's turn!
 Checking out the back seat of the fire truck
 Climbing up on the front bumper
 They loved the police on the horses!
 Trying on equipment
 Petting the rescue dog.
 Go little man, go!
 Tyler loves rock climbing walls!